Need a girl? First get a sarkari chakri!

Last week, caught up with a good friend from Hailakandi after almost 3 years. When we last discussed, he was in a relationship with a girl. He has a fully profitable mobile shop in the town.

Representative image - Bengali bride
Representative image – Bengali bride in bridal dress

Naturally, my first question was: when are you getting married ? 🙂 With a breathe of agony, he replied, ‘’waiting for the ‘venture school’ to be provincialized”. Reason, ‘no one gives a f**k to your business, every father wants to marry his daughter to a ‘sarkari chakrian’.

Not that I am unaware of the phenomena, but this particular instance struck my nerves. Here is a guy who is making a decent 20-25 thousands a month after accounting for his expenses. Infact, he is planning to open his second store. But, he doesn’t even have the confidence in approaching girls of his choice because he knows the obvious responses, no one would care a damn of his business and earnings until he lands a govt. job.

In a similar note, another friend of Karimganj (town name changed)working for a leading IT company in Gurgaon and making nothing less than 50 thousands a month was heart-broken when his desired girl in village was married off to a primary school teacher. No one cared for his ‘company job’ no matter how much he earned.

These instances have really startled me. Why as a society are we so much fond of govt. jobs? Why are parents ready to marry away their daughters to someone making 5 thousands than someone making 50 thousands? Why do guys have to keep looking for jobs even when they are making decent money through other avenues? Why as a society we seek so much safety and cushion? Or, is it just that we have become too lazy that we just are just not ready to work?

These things probably deserve a thought.

Abdul Alim

Hi, I am Abdul Alim. I am from a village called Borbond in Hailakandi. I did my studies in S.S. College, then AMU & later in USA on a Full Scholarship. Currently, I am the Director a Healthcare venture in Gurgaon. I love Barak Valley and love interacting with people there. Education always fascinates me. I also love digital technologies & entrepreneurship. If you think I can be of any help to you, do not hesitate to connect!

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