NayaDisha’s Mission

This portal, as the name suggests, is meant to give a new direction to the people of Barak Valley, especially the youth. Although there are end no. of ways in which we talk, chat & write, we believe there is still no such place where we can discuss serious issues and thoughts without being lost.

NayaDisha aims to:

Be a common place to discuss issues of interest to Barak Valley

We badly need that, as there are many issues like the Bengali language issue, road conditions, employment opportunities and so on that need involvement beyond political slogans.

Harness & store knowledge ideas that get lost on Facebook walls

We see many people both in & outside Barak Valley who write nice posts & opinions on important issues concerning the valley. But, these sort of communications reach limited no. of people in their friend’s list and hardly make any impact. Also, they get lost in timeline. This website aims to capture the nice thoughts of great minds of the valley.

Supplement works of local newspapers & journals

Newspapers like Dainik Jugasankha & Samayik Prasanga do a good job within their given constraints, in discussing topics of interest to the valley. Some of the articles in editorial section are sometimes pretty good. The constraint however is that, none of the papers have an active online presence. Thus, participating in those discussions and discourses gets very tough. Further, like all print media, writings get lost after a day; hence, its almost impossible to go back and read something written few days back.

Connect non-resident Barak Valley’ians

Today, the no. of Barak Valley’ians staying outside the valley is at an all-time high. Thanks to the improved rail connectivity, this is going to get higher and higher. At this point, we badly need a medium where the guys outside can stay in tune with the events and requirements of the valley, and contribute towards progress of the people in their place in their respective capacity.

Guide students of Assam for better education

A priority cause of NayaDisha would be to provide information & guidance to students of Barak Valley and from across Assam. Right guidance and support from those who have already walked the path would be greatly helpful in educational progress of the capable students.

Help youth of valley with employment prospects

We will strive to share knowledge and information on professional prospects for youth of the valley. We shall certainly work in dismissing many of the myths associated with non-government jobs and ensure that more and more guys explore their best strengths and seek employment beyond supposedly cushy govt. jobs.

Contribute ideas that promote growth & progress

Ideas do not provide bread, but good education & ideas always precede development and progress. For our region to grow, we need to discuss and debate on issues of importance and develop ideas of progress and self enrichment. We will strive for that here.

Bring harmony & peace among all communities, castes & creed.

We will look at ways to forge harmony and goodwill among the people of the state. Even critical issues will be discussed in a positive tone.

Less of politics

We will discuss politics as least as possible. Reason, everyone else is doing that. Let us explore the unexplored domains!

Just enjoy connecting ! 🙂

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